Cigars are social tools, and therefore, smoking them should be a social activity. This truth goes back way back to when cigars were “discovered” — it was something that the Europeans and the natives of the “new world” could have in common. The concept of the peace pipe isn’t that far off. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that this practice continues till today: take a bunch of cigars, throw in a mix of friends, and watch as the magic happens.

This OpusX case is to die for! Wish i had one.


Zam with an unknown pyramides


Dave Ching

Time seems to fly. Periods of silence are turned from being awkward by filling them up with puffs of smoke. Food is usually on the menu, as are the best drinks of the house. Nicotine, especially once you start lighting up the second stick of the night, is potent stuff.

Nicotine (C10H14N2) is a naturally occurring liquid alkaloid. An alkaloid is an organic compound made out of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and sometimes oxygen. These chemicals have potent effects on the human body. For example, many people regularly enjoy the stimulating effects of another alkaloid, caffeine, as they quaff a cup or two of coffee in the morning. – via HowStuffWorks

Ideas start to flow. Opportunities open up. The bonds of friendship are strengthened, as each open up slightly more than they normally would (i blame the nicotine for this). I’ve never gone into a herf, and come out a poorer person. Last night was no exception. It was fun.

As for the cigars i smoked, i started with a custom rolled sublimes, from 2004 by the famed Hamlet Paredes. It was magnificent, easily a 92-93 pointer on the My Cigar Blog scale. A friend was puffing hard on his cigar, and only had a little bit of smoke (he loosened this up later on with a few expert jabs of a toothpick), while i was letting loose a literal torrent of smoke with each easy, shallow draw. The construction of a Hamlet bespoke is perhaps amongst the best i’ve ever had, and strictly consistent over the dozen or so i’ve smoked from his rolling table. Flavour wise, it was super spicy (my fault, i asked for this blend when he asked me how i liked them), with a strong offering of nuts and musk. Totally unique, almost impeccable, and almost impossible to ever have again.

Custom rolled sublimes with a Malaysian virgin mojito — a great drink for a great cigar

The second stick had an impossible act to follow, and it struggled, despite being a good cigar on it’s own merits. The H Upmann LE 2009. Complex, dark and sweet with a lot of bitter undertones running through the cigar. Impressive flavour wise, to be sure, and i’m pleased at how these little babies are maturing. I think it’s only my 3rd or 4th stick this year, will deep six the box again for another 6 months before revisiting. From what i can discern, i’m hoping that these will take a right turn soon, and dump out the bitter touches, and replace them with a richer chocolate strain. It’s happened before, most recently in the Montecristo Sublimes LE 2008 which are smoking tremendously well now (good luck finding a box of these, crazy rare).

Dome is a popular place to hang out in the suburbs of Bangsar

Robert Lim, master printer, cigar fan, and all-around good guy

Good cigars, good night, good friends. Life is good.

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