There are very few cigars brands that i smoke outside of the Cuban marques. This is not to mean that non-Cuban cigars are bad or poor. This just means that i rarely have the chance to smoke non-Cubans and from the small sampling that i have tried, i only really like a few. It’s a matter of opportunity and taste, that’s all.

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The two non-Cuban brands i have had the pleasure of sampling extensively have been the Padrons and the Arturo Fuentes. You’ll find a good number of reviews for both here on My Cigar Blog (Padron reviews | Arturo Fuente reviews).

Padrons i am able to purchase whenever i want at great prices and selection at WTF, a local divan. But Fuentes have been elusive, and when available (locally, the Habanos Lobby Lounge has a good selection), tend to be very expensive.

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So i was delighted to receive an email from Ravi, the proprietor of [adkingpro banner=’2996′], informing me that COH had been appointed an agent for Arturo Fuente. Finally, there was a reliable source of Fuente cigars practically at my doorstep!

[adkingpro banner=’2997′] is really good, and they even have the famed Anejo Sharks #77 in stock! FOR BOX SALES. Amazing. Read the My Cigar Blog review of the Anejo #77s here.

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One of the things i like about the Fuente brand is that they have a little something for everybody and for every time. Feeling luxurious? The Opus X is your cigar (read the My Cigar Blog review here). Need something for a quick pick up on a lazy Sunday morning? The AF Short Story is lovely (read my review here). Have time on your hands? The Reserva D Chateau is a 7″ monster. The taste profiles of each are different, yet distinctively Fuente with varying degrees of the famed fruity, roasted raisin, flavour profile.

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Good news, this is. Looking forward to reconnecting with the brand in a serious way now that access is so much easier.