This weblog (or “blog”) belongs to Aizuddin Danian, a Virgo-an male, living in the (sometimes) sunny and (always) humid capital city of lovely Malaysia. He works for a fairly large multi-national bank as a senior project manager. This blog will act as a journal as he explores the incredible world surrounding the cigar – a mystical object of value, this tubular roll of the world’s finest tabacco brings delight not just for its magnificent tastes but also in its variety and depth of experience. If a cigarette is a Mikrus, a cigar, even one of the poorest Cuban variety, would be a Mercedes Benz.


The author does not claim to be an authority in any way or form on cigars or its related materials. The perspective and results taken on the subject matter is in his capacity of an amateur and hobbyist.


You may write to me at aizuddin(at) — i love receiving email and feedback from my readers, and i’ll do my best to reply each email. I receive quite a bit each day, so please forgive me if it takes some time for my reply (if required).

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